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The challenge was to create a vision for the Tesco Pride Float which will be used in London, Brighton and Manchester Pride Parades.

We were asked by Tesco's PR agency Freedman Brown Communications to produce a visual representation and bring the practicalities of the vision to life. The visuals needed to be vibrant and energetic to ensure Tesco could visualise the event but also accurate and to scale for Freedman Brown to deliver from.


The project had a tight deadline and required quick action and turnaround, we met with the team at Freedman Brown and immediately got to work on creating a fun vibrant visual with all the practicalities required to gain approval from Tesco.


We developed a fun vibrant atmosphere mixing a disco / karaoke party environment with certain aspects of a Tesco store, including, cash machines, colleagues entrance and trolleys with store goods in to hand out to the crowds of partying people at each of the festivals.

All the staff participating where armed with bubble guns and confetti canons and had shopping trolleys with give aways for full festival goers participation.

Utilising the Tesco Pride strapline across the event ‘Bursting with Pride’ this helped encompass the support and ethos of Tesco towards the LGBT community.

“The team at sevenseven really captured the essence of the event in the visuals they produced. The turnaround was very quick and professional, great work guys thanks again,”

Louise Holcroft - Managing Director Freedman Brown

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