Hench Fuel

Hench Fuel are a funky fresh health food brand who produce quick and convenient protein porridge for all sports.



Being an unknown in the mass world of health food and supplements the challenge for sevenseven was to produce a simple yet quirky brand that would 'stand out from the crowd'. Hench Fuel was always going to be that of convenience and almost the pocket rocket of the market, so the branding and packaging had to replicate this.


We have been fortunate to work with Paul Simmons on this project, Paul has a clear vision for Hench Fuel and ever since getting the phone call from him which he said 'I've got a product that's like no other,' we have realised that our strategy will be a moving feast as the brand offering develops.

We have supported Hench Fuel in its growth and the strategy was to start simple and build. Build it has as the product is now in a huge percentage of gyms and CrossFit boxes across the U.K.

In terms of strategy this is ongoing and we are super excited to be working closely with Hench Fuel as it builds and grows.


Creating the Hench Fuel brand has been a very simple process, having a client that has such a clear vision makes it easy for us to know what they want and deliver a solution that was pretty much exactly what Hench Fuel where looking for at first pass.

This is virtually unheard of but we work with the Hench Fuel team on other health food brands and something we pride ourselves on at sevenseven is understanding our clients needs and delivering on point and on budget.

“I can't speak highly enough about the team at sevenseven they've always delivered exactly what I want, even when I don't know quite what it is I'm looking for, they bring my vision to life and I know it's right.”

Paul Simmons - Owner & Creator of Hench Fuel

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