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Is your business ready for Generation Z?

For your business marketing to be successful, it needs to be relevant. You need to understand your audience and adapt to their wants and needs. Constanly analysing and adjusting can only be successful if you plan for the future, and see the changes needed so you have time to implement them. This then allows you to target your marketing more successfully, and deliver engaging content that your customers want. All straight forward enough. 

Yet what if your audience changes dramatically? What if their behaviour means the marketing landscape you're used to just doesn't cut it anymore? We take a look at the recent findings into Generation Z. Your new customers.

Generation Z are your next customers. They follow the millennials, and they're more tech focussed than ever before. There isn't a start and end date to what a Generation Z person is, yet they're said to be born in 1995 or later. The data collected about Generation Z shows dramatic changes in the way they connect with brands and their views on the world. By looking at their behaviour and recent data collected on their outlook on the world, we can build personas that will help your business prepare, shift marketing, adjust leadership, and adapt recruiting efforts to stay relevant for the future.

Shorter attention spans and faster decisions

Generation Z have always lived in an ever changing tech driven world. With continuous change and faster means of communicating via apps like snapchat and Vine, they tend to process information quicker and have a shorter attention span, significantly lower than Millennials. This means you'll have less time to make an impression, and they'll make their minds up much faster. Making sure your content is engaging and customer journeys streamlined will be a must. Google already looks at user engagement, and if your users aren't staying on your web pages for long, chances are things are only going to get worse.

What it means for your business

  • Website speed - Users want relevant content, but it also needs to be delivered quickly. Making sure your page loading times are minimal will help keep your users engaged. Organise a website review, and learn where your it can be improved.
  • Customer journey - Ensure the process you want your customers to take is quick and easy to follow. Generation Z won't hang around long if their route to checkout or data capture is long winded or complicated.


Generation Z are very good multi-taskers. Having always had a mobile, tablet, laptop and TV, they're used to jumping from one device to another. Facetiming their friends on their tablet, whilst texting someone else on their mobile, whilst working on their laptop, all in front of the TV. They've become great at shifting between devices for either work and play, whilst coping with background distractions.

What it means for your business

  • Responsive web design - Your new audience have a broader range of devices available to them than ever before. Ensuring your business website is responsive across them all is extremely important. The chances of them looking at your website on their mobile or tablet device whilst watching TV or working on their laptop is very high. And if your website's user experience doesn't deliver, they'll simply drop off and go elsewhere (remember their short attention span!).
  • Social Media - As Generation Z are able to multi-task across multiple devices, it may also be beneficial to look into other marketing routes to improve your business marketing. Obviously this is dependent on your target audience, but multi-tasking will undoubtedly involve apps like Facebook, Instagram etc... Looking into these social platforms and the benefits of advertising on them and improving customer engagement through them could be highly beneficial.

Higher Expectations

High speed broadband, fast browsing, online shopping, click and collect, next day delivery, or even same day delivery, all these are the norm to Generation Z. As such, not receiving them causes high levels of annoyance, and a feeling that something is wrong. Where as we hear a lot about brand loyalty, and how customers stay loyal to brands they aspire to, or who deliver high levels of customer care. Generation Z expectations of their favourite brands have increased. If something they've purchased isn't delivered quickly, or the site they order it from hasn't been fast to order from, they quickly move on and try and find other brands to connect with.

What it means for your business

  • Feedback - Your business needs to ensure its customer expectations are being met. Gathering feedback from existing or past customers can be vital. This feedback will give real insight that can be used to improve products and customer experience. This information can be collected in various ways, both online and offline. But knowing what your customers feel about your business is invaluable.
  • The expected experience - Making sure your customers have an effortless and enjoyable journey through to checkout, or receiving friendly professional help when required is all part of the expected experience. Making their connection with your brand remarkable is what you should be aiming for. Going above and beyond in all aspects of marketing. This will not only please your customers, but position your business/product above the competition.

Get in touch

Whether you're a startup business or established enterprise, it's important to make your marketing budget work as hard as it possibly can. This can only be achieved by researching your customers and adapting to their needs. We help our clients connect and engage with their audience to give them greater return on investments. To discuss how we can help your business achieve it's goals, get in touch today and we'll throw some ideas around.

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