Oct 06, 2016 | seven seven

Warrington Mayor's Circle member

We are proud and honoured to become members of the Mayor's Circle in Warrington.

The Circle is an initiative by the Mayor of Warrington, Cllr Faisal Rashid. It has been formed to promote local business in Warrington and make it a leading area for startups and forward thinking business owners.

Through business partnerships and networking it also aims to promote positive change, and benefit local charities, cultures and communities. Its an exciting initiative and one that we feel is important to be part of.

As a business we have worked with companies all over the world, from Manchester to Melbourne, yet it's our home town of Warrington where we feel most connected. We're a company that has grown quickly, and attribute this to building strong relationships and collaborating, something we want to develop locally with startups and established companies throughout Warrington.

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