Branding for a jewellery company with a charitable heart.



Sevasoul is an online jewellery brand producing spiritually inspired hand crafted jewellery. A percentage of all sales go to helping worthwhile causes, such as helping to build schools in disadvantaged countries.

Whist the charitable aspect of the business differentiates them from other jewellery retailers, Sevasoul wanted this to be secondary. The main challenge was to create a luxury brand that complimented their product, and connected their global audience online.


We started the branding process with key stakeholder interviews to discover the real meaning of Sevasoul. Instead of just being another jewellery company, Sevasoul has unique spiritual ethics, and that needed to be communicated through their new brand. Our team also looked at their global audience, ensuring the Sevasoul brand was communicated clearly and effectively across them all.

We then created brand insight boards. A process that can help to create a style and voice for the brand from workshops with key personnel and our design team. We’ve used this process successfully many times and it keeps clients connected, and in our opinion builds a more engaging overall brand experience.


Working closely with the Sevasoul team, we helped express their spiritual DNA visually. The result is a timeless visual marker that looks established. The logo takes inspiration from the lotus flower. A global identity that reflects Sevasouls' spiritual background, whilst representing the simple beauty of their jewellery.

The brand is being rolled out across all packaging and online marketing, and finally gives this charitable company a brand that truly reflects it's beautiful products and ethics.

sevenseven | Branding | Stationery Design | Warrington

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