Reinventing an apple accessories brand by aligning it with its customers.



Xenvo has existed in the MFi (Made for iPhone/iPod/iPad) market place for nearly ten years. Yet with recent product innovations, this so called ‘small player’ had big aspirations to shake the market up and establish itself as a front runner in premium MFi product manufacture and supply.

To redefine who and what the Xenvo brand was, a big cultural change had to be made. The Xenvo customer had changed and how they connected with their favourite brands had shifted.

The Xenvo team has worked tirelessly in designing a range of innovative high-end MFi products, but the brand lacked energy, excitement and a story that would engage their youthful audience.


After a successful pitch we set about researching this highly competitive market place and how best to connect with it’s ever changing consumer. We developed a strategy in which the Xenvo brand would engage its customers through their passions; music, fashion and sport. This was supported by strong imagery, bold colours and a powerful brand message that would further identify this new brand.

We developed a flexible brand that worked across social media, in-store and product packaging.


The new Xenvo brand has evolved throughout the whole process, every small detail scrutinised and the whole sevenseven team immersed to totally understand what Xenvo means. It mimics its customers with guidelines that are intentionally flexible, and a variety of brand colours, rather than the traditional one.

It’s now a brand with real character, and connects with its audience the way they connect with their world. It’s adaptable and will evolve with Xenvo and its customers during this exciting stage in its growth.

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