Direct Mail

Direct Mail

A branded leather notepad placed in the hands of a prospect, an embossed invitation through the door… make a connection worth remembering using direct mail.

We feel sorry for direct mail. Misuse of direct mail has given this promotional tool an undeserved bad reputation, often associated with leaflets shoved carelessly through doors, putting potential customers off.

But this reputation is a reflection of the people who have tried to use it, rather than the tool itself. When done correctly, direct mail can capture the attention and imagination of customers, creating a connection with your brand that can have a lasting impact.

Creativity and relevance are key when developing direct mail pieces for our clients. At sevenseven, we don't do things to tick a box. As with any element of your marketing strategy, we’ll make sure your direct mail is considered, measurable and relevant.

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sevenseven is driven by a simple belief: that things can be done better. In a relentlessly evolving industry our team of strategic, creative and technical specialists transform both B2B and consumer brands using “intelligently creative” print and digital solutions.

We’ve set ourselves apart thanks to a guiding set of principles that inform our work and get results for our clients.

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